Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Assessments, and Presentations For The Progressive Individual


Hi, I’m Nikola, a certified executive coach and 4 time Olympian motivated to help progressive professionals define and overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from maximizing their performance and owning their podium.

As an Olympic athlete, I understand the struggles that come with reaching for the podium. The endless parallels between sport and business allow me to easily relate to my client's struggles.

At Own Your Podium, we help our clients uncover their strengths and define their values, providing perspective and clarity amidst the inevitable setbacks and confusion. We guide them towards identifying ways they may be holding themselves back while creating actionable steps to assist them in setting and achieve their personal and professional goals.

I am driven to use my life experiences to help others, and through my company, Own Your Podium, I help my clients get where they want to go. Click here to find out how I can help you.

I commit to be confidential 

Creating a safe space for my clients to be honest about their struggles is not only important but a requirement in order for me to do what I do. Own Your Podium is built on trust. My clients have permission to be real with me, without judgment, and nothing we discuss will ever leave our sessions.

I commit to connect

When we are open and honest with one another we create a connection. Through a commitment to being transparent, we can connect on a deeper level, establishing the foundation for huge personal and professional growth.

I commit to being transparent

Through truth we establish trust. In order to help my clients attain the level of personal growth they hope to achieve I rely on transparency. I always speak truthfully and ask that my clients do the same.