What clients have been saying…


“Nikola has performed the ECR360 (Emotional Capital Report 360) review from Roche Martin, including debriefing and coaching for me. She's done an amazing job in working with me on identifying my development opportunities and to guide me on how use my strength wisely to improve my development areas. The time with her helped me a lot to increase my self-confidence and go through a very challenging project phase and organizational changes.”

  • Monika weber - Director, Supply Chain Operations at Westport Fuel Systems

“During the difficult but important transition in going from a full-time athlete to a full-time business student, Nikola was able to provide me with unique insight that proved to be incredibly useful. As someone who is experienced in competing at the highest level, she knows what it takes to set and achieve monumental goals and is an expert in helping others achieve theirs. Thanks again!”

  • Justin Dorey - 2014 Canadian Olympic Freestyle Skier

"Nikola is a terrific speaker and her unique experience of being an Olympic Athlete allows her to speak about competing at a high level, leadership, and what it takes to succeed in sports and life. She came in to speak to a group of youth I was coaching, and her message resonated well with the athletes and they were engaged through her talk. She has an awesome message to share with the world, and I highly recommend her.”

  • Eric Kasoyaga - Founder | Sports Director of Kupaa Foundation / Basketball Coach

“Dare to Dream, Dare to Achieve, Dare to Succeed - These are the three tenets Nikola used as the foundation for her inspirational and compelling 2018 keynote address. Having sponsored and attended many charity events over the years, Nikola’s keynote was impressive. Listening as this 4x Olympian outlined her personal journey to compete and succeed at a high level, one could not help but become inspired by her approach, desire to succeed, decision making, and her ability to capitalize on opportunities along the way. Nikola was equally gracious and approachable over the two day event, enhancing the experience for the guests and ensuring a strong turnout for next year! Thank you again Nikola!”


“Nikola delivered an exceptional 45 minute keynote speech to a group of 100+ clients and employees for our International Women’s Day event. Her presentation included photos of her sailing journey and personal learnings about goals and achievements, overcoming obstacles and the importance of teamwork. After the speech, Nikola volunteered her personal time to continue answering questions and meet the event participants. Overall, her speech, professionalism and additional time provided a huge spark of inspiration for all participants and demonstrated her commitment to helping people find their success.”


“I had the honour of being Nikola’s mentor coach during her executive coaching program at Royal Roads University. She was an inspiration. She understands what it takes to dream, achieve, and succeed deep in her being - the passion of dreaming, the gutting it out of achieving, and the integration of success. She tells an amazing story, understands clearly what helped her sustain her success, and can follow all of that up with amazing coaching skills to help you do the same.”